Name Type Description
appId String

Your Parse Application ID

masterKey String

Your Parse Master Key

serverURL String

URL to your parse server with http:// or https://.

masterKeyIps Array.<String>

Restrict masterKey to be used by only these ips, defaults to [] (allow all ips)

appName String

Sets the app name

analyticsAdapter Adapter.<AnalyticsAdapter>

Adapter module for the analytics

filesAdapter Adapter.<FilesAdapter>

Adapter module for the files sub-system

push Any

Configuration for push, as stringified JSON. See

scheduledPush Boolean

Configuration for push scheduling, defaults to false.

loggerAdapter Adapter.<LoggerAdapter>

Adapter module for the logging sub-system

jsonLogs Boolean

Log as structured JSON objects

logsFolder String

Folder for the logs (defaults to './logs'); set to null to disable file based logging

verbose Boolean

Set the logging to verbose

logLevel String

Sets the level for logs

silent Boolean

Disables console output

databaseURI String

The full URI to your database. Supported databases are mongodb or postgres.

databaseOptions Any

Options to pass to the mongodb client

databaseAdapter Adapter.<StorageAdapter>

Adapter module for the database

cloud String

Full path to your cloud code main.js

collectionPrefix String

A collection prefix for the classes

clientKey String

Key for iOS, MacOS, tvOS clients

javascriptKey String

Key for the Javascript SDK

dotNetKey String

Key for Unity and .Net SDK

restAPIKey String

Key for REST calls

readOnlyMasterKey String

Read-only key, which has the same capabilities as MasterKey without writes

webhookKey String

Key sent with outgoing webhook calls

fileKey String

Key for your files

preserveFileName Boolean

Enable (or disable) the addition of a unique hash to the file names

userSensitiveFields Array.<String>

Personally identifiable information fields in the user table the should be removed for non-authorized users.

enableAnonymousUsers Boolean

Enable (or disable) anon users, defaults to true

allowClientClassCreation Boolean

Enable (or disable) client class creation, defaults to true

auth Any

Configuration for your authentication providers, as stringified JSON. See

maxUploadSize String

Max file size for uploads, defaults to 20mb

verifyUserEmails Boolean

Enable (or disable) user email validation, defaults to false

preventLoginWithUnverifiedEmail Boolean

Prevent user from login if email is not verified and PARSE_SERVER_VERIFY_USER_EMAILS is true, defaults to false

emailVerifyTokenValidityDuration Number

Email verification token validity duration, in seconds

accountLockout Any

account lockout policy for failed login attempts

passwordPolicy Any

Password policy for enforcing password related rules

cacheAdapter Adapter.<CacheAdapter>

Adapter module for the cache

emailAdapter Adapter.<MailAdapter>

Adapter module for email sending

publicServerURL String

Public URL to your parse server with http:// or https://.

customPages CustomPagesOptions

custom pages for password validation and reset

liveQuery LiveQueryOptions

parse-server's LiveQuery configuration object

sessionLength Number

Session duration, in seconds, defaults to 1 year

maxLimit Number

Max value for limit option on queries, defaults to unlimited

expireInactiveSessions Boolean

Sets wether we should expire the inactive sessions, defaults to true

revokeSessionOnPasswordReset Boolean

When a user changes their password, either through the reset password email or while logged in, all sessions are revoked if this is true. Set to false if you don't want to revoke sessions.

schemaCacheTTL Number

The TTL for caching the schema for optimizing read/write operations. You should put a long TTL when your DB is in production. default to 5000; set 0 to disable.

cacheTTL Number

Sets the TTL for the in memory cache (in ms), defaults to 5000 (5 seconds)

cacheMaxSize Number

Sets the maximum size for the in memory cache, defaults to 10000

enableSingleSchemaCache Boolean

Use a single schema cache shared across requests. Reduces number of queries made to _SCHEMA, defaults to false, i.e. unique schema cache per request.

enableExpressErrorHandler Boolean

Enables the default express error handler for all errors

objectIdSize Number

Sets the number of characters in generated object id's, default 10

port Number

The port to run the ParseServer, defaults to 1337.

host String

The host to serve ParseServer on, defaults to

mountPath String

Mount path for the server, defaults to /parse

cluster Number | Boolean

Run with cluster, optionally set the number of processes default to os.cpus().length

middleware Union

middleware for express server, can be string or function

startLiveQueryServer Boolean

Starts the liveQuery server

liveQueryServerOptions LiveQueryServerOptions

Live query server configuration options (will start the liveQuery server)