Parse. Analytics

new Analytics()

Parse.Analytics provides an interface to Parse's logging and analytics backend.


(static) track(name, dimensions) → {Promise}

Tracks the occurrence of a custom event with additional dimensions. Parse will store a data point at the time of invocation with the given event name.

Dimensions will allow segmentation of the occurrences of this custom event. Keys and values should be {@code String}s, and will throw otherwise.

To track a user signup along with additional metadata, consider the following:

var dimensions = {
 gender: 'm',
 source: 'web',
 dayType: 'weekend'
Parse.Analytics.track('signup', dimensions);

There is a default limit of 8 dimensions per event tracked.

Name Type Description
name string

The name of the custom event to report to Parse as having happened.

dimensions object

The dictionary of information by which to segment this event.


A promise that is resolved when the round-trip to the server completes.