ParseInstallation PropertiesParse

The ParseInstallation type exposes the following members.


Public propertyACL
Gets or sets the ParseACL governing this object.
(Inherited from ParseObject.)
Public propertyAppIdentifier
The system-dependent unique identifier of this installation. This identifier should be sufficient to distinctly name an app on stores which may allow multiple apps with the same display name.
Public propertyAppName
The user-friendly display name of this application.
Public propertyAppVersion
A version string consisting of Major.Minor.Build.Revision.
Public propertyChannels
A sequence of arbitrary strings which are used to identify this installation for push notifications. By convention, the empty string is known as the "Broadcast" channel.
Public propertyClassName
Gets the class name for the ParseObject.
(Inherited from ParseObject.)
Public propertyCreatedAt
Gets the first time this object was saved as the server sees it, so that if you create a ParseObject, then wait a while, and then call SaveAsync, the creation time will be the time of the first SaveAsync call rather than the time the object was created locally.
(Inherited from ParseObject.)
Public propertyStatic memberCurrentInstallation
Gets the ParseInstallation representing this app on this device.
Public propertyDeviceType
The runtime target of this installation object.
Public propertyInstallationId
A GUID that uniquely names this app installed on this device.
Public propertyIsDataAvailable
Gets whether the ParseObject has been fetched.
(Inherited from ParseObject.)
Public propertyIsDirty
Indicates whether this ParseObject has unsaved changes.
(Inherited from ParseObject.)
Public propertyIsNew
Returns true if this object was created by the Parse server when the object might have already been there (e.g. in the case of a Facebook login)
(Inherited from ParseObject.)
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets a value on the object. It is recommended to name keys in partialCamelCaseLikeThis.
(Inherited from ParseObject.)
Public propertyKeys
Gets a set view of the keys contained in this object. This does not include createdAt, updatedAt, or objectId. It does include things like username and ACL.
(Inherited from ParseObject.)
Public propertyLocaleIdentifier
The users locale. This field gets automatically populated by the SDK. Can be null (Parse Push uses default language in this case).
Public propertyObjectId
Gets or sets the object id. An object id is assigned as soon as an object is saved to the server. The combination of a ClassName and an ObjectId uniquely identifies an object in your application.
(Inherited from ParseObject.)
Public propertyParseVersion
The version of the Parse SDK used to build this application.
Public propertyStatic memberQuery
Public propertyTimeZone
The time zone in which this device resides. This string is in the tz database format Parse uses for local-time pushes. Due to platform restrictions, the mapping is less granular on Windows than it may be on other systems. E.g. The zones America/Vancouver America/Dawson America/Whitehorse, America/Tijuana, PST8PDT, and America/Los_Angeles are all reported as America/Los_Angeles.
Public propertyUpdatedAt
Gets the last time this object was updated as the server sees it, so that if you make changes to a ParseObject, then wait a while, and then call SaveAsync, the updated time will be the time of the SaveAsync call rather than the time the object was changed locally.
(Inherited from ParseObject.)
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