ParseAnalyticsTrackEventAsync Method (String, IDictionaryString, String)Parse
Tracks the occurrence of a custom event with additional dimensions. Parse will store a data point at the time of invocation with the given event name. Dimensions will allow segmentation of the occurrences of this custom event. To track a user signup along with additional metadata, consider the following:
IDictionary<string, string> dims = new Dictionary<string, string> {
  { "gender", "m" },
  { "source", "web" },
  { "dayType", "weekend" }
ParseAnalytics.TrackEventAsync("signup", dims);
There is a default limit of 8 dimensions per event tracked.

Namespace: Parse
Assembly: Parse.WinRT (in Parse.WinRT.dll) Version: (

public static Task TrackEventAsync(
	string name,
	IDictionary<string, string> dimensions


Type: SystemString
The name of the custom event to report to ParseClient as having happened.
Type: System.Collections.GenericIDictionaryString, String
The dictionary of information by which to segment this event.

Return Value

Type: Task
An Async Task that can be waited on or ignored.
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