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Class Parse.Push

Contains functions to deal with Push in Parse.

Parse.Promise send( data, options )

Sends a push notification.

  • data <Object>
    • The data of the push notification. Valid fields are:
    1. channels - An Array of channels to push to.
    2. push_time - A Date object for when to send the push.
    3. expiration_time - A Date object for when to expire the push.
    4. expiration_interval - The seconds from now to expire the push.
    5. where - A Parse.Query over Parse.Installation that is used to match a set of installations to push to.
    6. data - The data to send as part of the push
      1. options <Object>

        An object that has an optional success function, that takes no arguments and will be called on a successful push, and an error function that takes a Parse.Error and will be called if the push failed.

Returns: <Parse.Promise>

A promise that is fulfilled when the push request completes.